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September 10, 2007



You have the most perfect color of green running throughout that quilt! Such a lovely post, B&V are lucky ladies.


Forget spilling bong water or dropping pizza on it - make sure if they have any friends who are going through that insanely stupid "it's soooo cool to smoke!" phase that they strictly forbid anyone to light up even a single contraband cig within 50 feet of that green lovely.

.....and make sure to include even clove cigarettes, which are just the wee tiniest bit cool, in a still supremely stupid lung-cancer kind of way....


you are such a great auntie..and twins are the best, there really always is another baby to love in those big families that cannot get enough. love your sister and your writing and i am so glad i get to follow along in how things are going. the quilt is lovely.


You bitch . . . as if I needed reasons to cry. Thanks for getting me all misty eyed. Lots of fun in a house with three slightly crazy chicks on their periods. Lucky Flyer . . . he's in Orlando (which he hates). The girls totally hit the jackpot with you in the aunt category - even if they never, ever have called you "aunt" a day in your life. Love you! And I promise I will post by Friday (the school year has just not slowed up one little bit).


What a nice auntie! Gorgeous work!

kelly mccaleb

i adore this quilt!!!

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