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September 28, 2007



OK, not trying to gloat, because we've had a helluvatime trying to get this book too, but we ordered it from http://www.knittersbookshelf.com/favorite_authors/cat_bordhi.htm because we couldn't get it elsewhere and they shipped it in 2 days. {we being Claudia and I, she ordered 2, I ordered the sets of stitch markers from Turtlegirl that go with the book}. Not only that, they gave us a slight discount for ordering 2. Our LYS, which everyone knows is the bestest LYS ever anywhere in the universe, the LYS that got Yarn Harlot south of the MDL, can't get this book either, WTF? I can't wait to see what's in this book that renders it so unattainable.

And now is the part where I gloat: I'm taking an advanced sock class with Cat Bordhi in November.

I'm sorry. But I had to tell someone. I hope I made up for this in the helpful link and the commiserating on not being able to lay hands on the book earlier.


If you'll take my phone call, I'll call you later to discuss.



Seriously? All I am doing is perfecting my "be one with the couch, oh overlarge ass of mine." Call away.

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