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September 27, 2007



Dude. Totally hear you on the baby thing. I haven't felt s/he move yet, but I'm anticipating being COMPLETELY freaked out. Everytime we see the baby on the ultrasound or hear the heartbeat, I'm ecstatic at first, but about an hour later I'm totally floored by the freakiness of it all. ANOTHER PERSON LIVES INSIDE ME. It's just not normal. ;-)


I hope it all gets better. Apple picking on the weekend sounds really nice.

Its funny, knowing I've had my last kid, I kind of miss those moments of squirmy-baby-in-the-belly. But I know it's all hindsight and that at the time I was terribly uncomfortable.

I love giving books as baby gifts. Some of my best moments as a young mom were while reading to my babies.

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