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August 27, 2007



Fuck Grace. Just fuck her. See the mood I'm in?
Love the bag! I'm going to play it cool, since I want her to look at some cloth diapers for me. She doesn't seem real supportive of the idea. She also told me the our name for TBA was a "nice strong Catholic" name. Is she coming over to my side of the party?


If you really aren't up for felting, why not knit a bag out of a sturdy yarn and then add a lining and interfacing? The Bella knitted purses are constructed that way and I like how mine came out. (We don't have a laptop-size version yet but we're working on it.)


I'd be happy if I could get my mother to just cut out the pieces for that bag! And seriously, I have tried. Love the fabrics.


Ooooh, I love that bag!
Glad to hear your sock classes went well! 12 people! We have such a problem filling our classes at our LYS no matter what day of the week or time of day...Maybe this says a lot about your sock guru qualities and we should bow down to you...


Would your mom make me one you think? I'll ask really nicely. I'll make you a felted computer sleeve, too, if that helps you to get her to agree!

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