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August 04, 2007



I got my socks! I got my socks! Called yesterday, but your were napping and I am guessing that SK didn't tell you. Oh, are they lovely! Pink (the best shade . . . almost chewed bubble gum, but less), knee highs, and the Holiday Over the Knee pattern from Holiday Knits! Yes! Those Holiday socks! See the stunning array of exclamation points! Susan, for that is my sock pal's name, put in a lovely lavender vanilla candle from B&B (my favorite scent there) as well as some candy plus a little extra of the yarn just in case I need to darn them. Oh yippee! So happy!


I wore your socks the day after I got them, with my short granny boots so I could show off the tops. And when I got to the coffee shop where I knit, I took off the boots so the other knitters could admire them fully. So no fake enthusiasm here.

I would have taken the socks with added eye goo. You would have been totally justified ;)

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