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August 12, 2007


Deb Luttrell

My vote would be NOT to wash the fat quarters. They are all so bright and pretty - you can always use Retayne when you wash your quilt.

Susan B

YIPEE!!! For the first time I can properly post as myself without screwing up the surprise!!!!!! LOL.

Over at Dogged, she had a quilt washing mishap where the pinks bled all over everywhere - and said that next time she wished she could have avoided the whole nightmare by washing it once it was all finished in something called Synthrapol or some such chemical-y sounding name. Apparently the stuff sets the colours so they won't bleed. Ook - it might be the Retayne that the other commenter listed above, too.....

I'm sure if you navigate your way over there you can get the full info much more eloquently than I currently can.

(A week off of work has led to a wee bit of scrambling and insanity in the few short hours that I've been back!)


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