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August 18, 2007



Honeybush tea, Oregon Red Clover Honey laceweight, _and_ Barbara Kingsolver's book? hey, you could have taken that picture at *my* house! :)


Oooo, that is some sweet yarn! Yum!
Lovely photos too.
I'll have to dash over to Audible and see if they have that Kingsolver book. I love to knit with the earbuds in listening to a good book.


It's really too bad it *doesn't* smell like honey. I don't really like that colour for garments (furniture, yes), but it does look very warm and inviting.


Love the yarn! I'm on the waiting list at the library for that book (can't remember if I've requested the audio book--I spend too much time in the car--If I can't knit as least I can hear a good book).

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