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August 30, 2007



Oh-If you're interested in cheese making, take a look at this--
I make mozz with my 3-yr-old (got the whole kit with DVD, he likes to watch it!), fun stuff to make real cheese at home!


Have SO much fun. I love camping and am incredibly jealous. Preggers or no you're gonna have a great time.



I just got that book for my birthday! I haven't cracked it open yet, but since you say there's cheesemaking in there the spinning can wait. Have a blast camping; I'm so jealous, I haven't been in 2 years and it was one of our most favorite things to do. Must get my husband on the same coast as me so we can get back into it.


The camping trip sounds like great fun! I'm glad you've decided to go.

I started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - haven't gotten too far yet since I just downloaded the first season of "Weeds" and am totally hooked!

I love the green touch on the Zeebee. Great idea!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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