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July 16, 2007



Those flat patterns to three dimensional products really go over my head, too. I can sculpt something with fabric or yarn, but have no understanding of compound curves whatsoever. I like to say that I'm artistic, not mathematic, because it makes me sound like I still have redeeming qualities instead of sounding like I got beat half to death with the stupid stick during my formative years. [Which might be true.]

And silent flights ought to either be a law [my preference] or at least available as a ticket option. I'd like to take the Silent Flight from Atlanta to Boston, please, window seat in front of the wing, here's my credit card number. I try really hard to understand why people think that a random drawing means we have to socialize, but I don't see it. I want to either sleep, knit, read or stare ahead into the seat back in front of me, NOT talk to people or listen to their fascinating small talk. I found that an ipod usually saves me. Really, all one needs is a set of earphones with the plug end tucked into a pocket. You will still get the occasional idiot that wants to yell at you over your music, but if you don't make eye contact, they give up trying to make you hear them. Hey, come to think of it, obvious earplugs like the bright orange ones that come attached to a long string so you don't lose them or the kind of earphones one wears for shooting guns or using jackhammers might make more of a statement. Airlines ought to provide them free of charge.

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