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July 19, 2007



Ah crap! Couldn't you have taken some shitty photos just to make me happy? After a $200 medical bill, that camera isn't looking pretty. Who am I kidding?


LMAO. I use a fairly cheap ($150?) digital to do my dirty work - I just take a BAZILLION pictures to find one or two that look decent & 'arty' enough to actually post.

I used to just take a pic however or whenever or wherever and shove it on up my blog, then I was (un)lucky enough to find Brooklyntweed's blog and oh me oh my but my heart was lost to stunning knitting skills and even better photography! So now I actually try. I don't always do nearly as good a job as he does (amazing how having training, a beautiful apartment, and a wee bit more time/energy/motivation will really make that much more of a difference in the photos you produce! SNORT) but I at least try!

Love the monkeys. Love the yarn shades. Love.

Wendy (of Wendy Knits) scored some sweet sock yarn in a 'passionfruit' colourway that made me almost want to lick the monitor. Only because I have an office-mate who thinks I'm whack enough as it is did I restrain myself. Your Monkeys remind me of that stuff a bit...


Great photos -- cameras are such fun toys!


I'm a Canon girl myself, but congrats on the new camera anyway. ;-)


You bitch.

I was just talking with my stepdad about cameras today, thinking it's going to be my 30th b-day pressie for myself. He and my mom each have a 200 (they are big time photographers), and although I'm scared to take the leap, I think it's inevitable.

Congrats, though, seriously.

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