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June 01, 2007



I've recently joined the one-sock movement as well! I never thought I would, but I now have 2 unfinished pairs, and I'm planning on casting on for a new sock this weekend. One sock knitters unite!

And welcome to Ravelry, with all its time-sucking goodness. I love it so.


Gah! You have your Ravelry invite! AND that Girl Scout Handbook?! Where is the justice, I ask you. Where is the justice in that?



You guys got your invite too? I got mine on Thursday and literally SCREECHED out loud with joy & delight! (And have been totally slacking at work ever since then as I've been spending most of my time uploading pics & putting in pattern/project/yarn info!)


Application has been approved! Knitting rules?? Finishing what you started? Bah, I have better things to do with my precious little free time--like knit what I want, even if that includes lots and lots of singlet socks! Happy to have received another victi--er, MEMBER of the club. ;)

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