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June 06, 2007



Make me feel guilty, why dontcha! I knit the first nephew a sweater, the neice a sweater and a poncho - but the baby? NOTHING!

He's a cutie. I love being an aunt!


Damn, chica . . . I am so glad that you used this title for a post. There have been so many times that I wanted to but didn't for fear that the Flyer might go, "Hmmm . . . doink!"

I am seeing Dad in the Guster with that photo. Nice to see that you are training him in a craft at an early age. Love the Crocs! See you in two days!!


Innappropriate? Nahhhhhhhhhhh - we actually went out and BOUGHT our own 2-year old his very own real hammer! Now granted, we bought him the lightest one we could find at Lowe's, and he's only EVER allowed to use it outside (dear god, never EVER on the front porch, as the huge bank of windows might prove too much temptation for him) but still, we purposely put one in his hands! And bang away with joy & glee he most certainly does...............

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