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June 21, 2007



Those colourways are gorgeous! You evil temptress! Good thing I literally have no money for this sort of thing and already have so much yarn that at times it causes me anxiety! I will, however, remember to look at Cider moon when I do decide to get more sock yarn.

And while I didn't knit Monkey, but Saucy which is very similar (doesn't have the purls), I love it too 'cause it is so quick and looks so nice! I hope to get most of my second one done this weekend.


Lovely lovely socks! Cider Moon is good, good stuff.

And allow me to offer my very belated congratulations. :)


Thank you for the thorough Cider Moon 'splainin. I needed some more deets, although obviously you have given me baby brain, as I was looking through the colors and thought, 'Why the hell would they name a colorway placenta? That's just gross.' [It was polenta.]

Don't you love those so unassuring last minute shoutouts you get at the doctors? As if there is no way they can comprehend that you'll be obsessing over the comment for days....

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