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May 12, 2007



I just this week saw the 'Cops' episode of "My Name is Earl" (laughed my arse off), so I'm gonna have to go with top right.


i vote for pregnant ribbing.


Personal favorite . . . the bar stamp one. Sock favorite . . . knocked up version. Can't wait for that movie . . . must ask for royalties. Thanks for posting as after all the family "drama" I just don't have it in me.


I like the 6mos, I'm pregnant one. Thanks for the early laugh.

Seanna Lea

I like the 'pregnant' and the 'bar.' Though you are probably right that the ribbing would look better, given you're done with the foot.


I like "bachelorette party" and "bar". I think it is fine if the pattern is not continued on the top of the foot. Check out "Tidal wave" by SWTC for an example of this...


I like "party" and "bar". They add some pizzazz.


Definitely the bar stamp. And while it would be snazzy to knit the foot top in it, too, I don't think it's essential. It'll be BEAUTIFUL!


i like bachelorette party, and i think it's fine that the leg has patterning but the foot doesn't.


I actually like the bottom two best, but then 'skewed' has never been an adjective that anyone has hesitated to use to describe me!

...and as for the foot, could you (dare I say it?) rip back maybe a row or two and figure out how to sort of 'fade' the pattern in over the top of the foot before it starts in earnest on the leg?

(sorry - I know - I shouldn't be butting my Sockpal nose into the Other Sheep Sister's business!)


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