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May 21, 2007



First off, love the blanket.

Secondly- I don't get the open casket thing. I know that people say it gives closure (it so does- it's that final thing that says 'Thank gawd I'm not a beautician at a mortuary'), or that it gives you a good, final image, but seriously- no one has ever come out of a funeral and said/thought, 'Wow, they looked great!' Nor should they. However, there is a member of my family that likes to take pictures, in a completely non-ironic, non-performance art way. Ugh.


Love the colours on your blanket.

Re CF - awful disease!!! I studied it last year and still can't walk into a respiratory ward without feeling weird.


When the Flyer's grandfather died, his grandmother insisted that his dad, my father-in-law, take a picture of Pop in the casket. I thought my father-in-law was going to die himself. He apologized to Pop and took the picture. Our mother has pictures of our grandmother in her casket and had them in a stack of pictures. Imaging flipping through them, looking for a picture of your kids, and seeing Gram laid out with her crochet hook in hand (yes, we bury ours with props . . . Gramps had the perfect euchre hand).

Lola, I was so upset when I saw Janice's notice. She was, for that small period of time, my little sister, too.

Good luck seaming the tack blanket . . . Noro has the ability to turn people off to knitting with its texture. Luckily it's pretty to look at.

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