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May 05, 2007



You are such a secret keeper! You started Chevron? I need to know what yarn/shades those are.


Give the toe-ups a try. Look for the Combos and don't knit them. Once you've got 20% b/w, that's when you start chomping them. It's the most difficult part. Call me. I'm on baby duty tomorrow since SK is going to see the a.m. showing of Spidey.

I got some killer (you know I don't use that word often) fabric today. KILLER!


Knitting projects gone awry? Oh, I have many! How about the Green Gable sweater I made where the bind off was SO tight I couldn't pull the thing over my breasts? Or my Hourglass sweater whose neck was so wide that it slid off my shoulders? My gauge was so off in that project that the sweater turned out a full 4 inches wider then planned. Good times.


My current favorite short row toe and heel is the encroachment method. It's the next best thing to invisible. http://cabezalana.blogspot.com/2007/04/sherman-short-row-sock-pictorial-tour.html
I think at this point I've tried about every heel there is, and I am a diehard toeupper. You might not like it as much as I do, but it's something else to try. It also might take a couple tries to figure out what you're doing.

My current project is almost killing me all of a sudden, I just can't get an edging to work on this shawl, but I don't want to blog it because it's a gift and I don't want her to think I hated making it. But for a day or two, I really did.


Hi Sweetie!

I'm thrilled to pieces that you're so happy with our little 'convos' (I just watched 'Stranger Than Fiction' last week, & have been waiting to use that fantastic word somewhere ever since!) - they've made me giggle as well!

I'm currently in Serious Talks with my yarn-dying friend to get just **the** perfect yarn dyed up for you. I think you're going to love it - loads of yellows - really bright, light yellows not at all dark or gold-ish - and nary a nasty pink shade in sight.

Mwwaaaahhh hah hah hah! Kidding! Kidding! Never fear - I wouldn't do that to you!


YSSP (Your Secret Sock Pal)

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