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April 24, 2007



I think LB made the mistake of going in the exact opposite direction of the colors from the last go-round. Although some are nice (I am dreaming of a taupe/rose/violet striped hoodie for Baby Pink), they don't make for very exciting combos, and I think we all are complete color hos here.

I haven't had any shrinkage here, although some of the colors will fade a little bit (or get that washed out halo- you know what I'm talking about right? Hell, you have a kid who must want to wear/cuddle/sleep on something with religious fervor, so you must), but I've never experienced any bleeding (aside from my credit card bill, when I amassed that stuff as if it were my new career). It does stretch like a mofo, though- I feel like the acrylic doesn't really help in that factor.

And where was I? I had no idea you were making a Lizard ridge. Are you going to post photos? Have I missed them?


Your list? Hysterical. "Get this shit done" captures my sentiment exactly.

Okay, that kid is sweet enough! My goodness, he's way too adorable.

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