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April 26, 2007



The first rock concert I ever went to (on my own) was U2. The Spectrum in Philadelphia. The Unforgettable Fire Tour. I was fourteen.

We had very decent seats on the side of the stage and if I close my eyes I can still the crowd singing along to "Sunday, Bloody Sunday." Me included.

Here's the thing: I thought it was okay. Yes. Just okay.

I've never really gotten the whole U2 thing and you can ask my husband because when we talk now about how pompous and ridiculous Bono has become - really a caricature of his former self, IMHO, I love to trott out the fact that I never really liked him or the band.

That's not to say I don't sing along to many of the songs. Which inevitably makes my husband point and say, "I thought you didn't like them!"

That's also not to say that if I had been to a Bruce concert when I was 14 I would've felt the same way as I do about U2 (I also saw Wham! that year) although I don't think so. That's also not to say that the pompous and ridiculous charges can't be levied against my all time music love, Mr. Bruce Springsteen. I myself have said those things about him. But then I put on Darkness and I'm in love all over again. Or I hear the love of my life sing the songs of the OTHER love of my life. I'm a goner, no matter what kind of asshole The Boss can be.

Shit. I went and made this all about Bruce didn't I? ;-)


This is one of my favorite no-knitting-content-on-a-knitting-blog post I've ever seen! Way to get your U2 geek on! While I'm not an enormous fan myself, I've loved a few of 'em. Y'all are a strange breed. Loving the afghan, btw, the colors are marvelous!


I can't decide - I love 'em all!


ETA: Although I do agree with Cara about Bono. (Sorry 'bout the double comment.)


Fellow sockapaloozer here... I was a rabid U2 fan back in the day. I knew obscene amounts of trivia and could recite song titles in various orders from the albums to many people's amusement. I enjoyed Achtung baby, but then it just went down hill for me. I thought they redeemed themselves w/ All that you can't leave behind. And then the next album came along and I heard Vertigo and I just couldn't stand it so I've never even given the last effort a chance... Vertigo was like a Discotheque for me and I just couldn't get on board!

Oh, and The Edge is Welsh, technically - only Bono and Larry are actually, properly Irish.

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