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March 15, 2007



We shall find yarn & fabric next weekend! Oh yes we will! Have the girls gotten their permit yet? Too bad...

Finish Shedir & got my yarn. See,everything is lining up.


So, guess what's sitting on my lap right now? Yup, that would be my laptop! All gussied up in the see-through red cover from the post. Love, love, love it . . . except for the Internet connection. Might have to buy a router to fix the problem. Yippee! Only one week to go . . . and more snow tonight into tomorrow. It was 70 fucking degrees yesterday.


Are you two *really* separate people?? Love your blog, thanks for introducing me via your comment on mine. Yes, that Edwin Claudius, he's a looker! (Don't tell him he looks regal--his head is big enough as it is... as is his body!)

And can I say amen on the Foofaraw note? What the hell?? I renamed mine immediately. Foofaraws definitely do not belong on my blog.

And, yes, I am in sleeting, icicling, weird frozen hell right now in downtown Philly. Yesterday was all t-shirts and spring and today is all winter again. Hrm.

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